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This CD has exclusive new tracks by Bruce Springsteen & Pete Seeger, Jon Bon Jovi, Mario Frangoulis, Buffalo Tom, Natalie Merchant, & more in collaboration with currently or formerly homeless musicians on benefit CD to fight homelessness.


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The Give US Your Poor mission is to create a revolution in public awareness, dispel myths and inspire action towards ending epidemic homeless in the United States. It works to affect change at the policy level, engage volunteerism and contributions at the individual and corporate levels through media and education; and to channel support to partner homeless organizations.


After participating in a Give US Your Poor event or viewing, attendees/viewers are affected in their mind and heart.  They see a homeless person in a different light, as a whole person, and they see the issue as a blend of factors (what becomes a homelessness "cocktail") that happen to real people in tough situations.  As a result they are more likely to feel “connected” to the issue and to the person they pass on the street.  The immediate result is they do not ignore the person on the street anymore but stop to talk.  They also become engaged in the pyramid of involvement engaging in the issue in easy ways, and for some steadily increasing their involvement.

At the macro level, Give US Your Poor directs support to homeless partner organizations so donations go up for them; A large number of students are exposed to issues of homelessness and recognize myths vs. complex realities and engage in service learning around homelessness; Major legislation is passed that recognizes systemic causes and solutions of homelessness and addresses those in systemic, long-term manner. 

The framing of the homeless issue is changed, in partnership with a great national and international network that affects policy and attitudes towards the homeless.  Homelessness decreases dramatically in 10 years.