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Host a Dinner Party, It's Easy!!!!

Give Us Your Poor would love to hear from you if you are interested in hosting a dinner party at your Home or Office as part of Bringing it Home! Remember our goal is $50,000 so the more participation the better!

This is a great way to get your friends, neighbors and co¬workers together creating a sense of community around an issue that touches so many that live in each of our own communities. We work with you to make it easy!

If you already have hosted a party and would like to share your experience in an upcoming newsletter feel free to contact me Sarah Nichols at: snichols@tomsofmaine.

Bringing It Home Kicks off April 5th

Bringing it Home Dinner Series was kicked off in style this past April 5th at the new campus center at UMass Boston. The evening started out with Chancellor Dr. Keith Motley and followed with a heartfelt overview from Project Director John McGah. Other speakers included Cheryl Middleton who shared her story of homelessness and a call for action. Molly Neck from the National Coalition for the Homeless also spoke that evening about the Coalitions partnership with GUYP and the series.

This night was filled with elegant piano music, a beautiful song performed by Cheryl Middletons 10 year old, and a lovely spread of appetizer and donation of delicious clam chowder from Legal Seafoods in Boston, Donnelan's, Gourmet Caterers, and Sodexho.

Most importantly the night ended with a showing of the newest trailer "Santa Fe Stories" by Michael Meirendorf. This was both moving and left you anticipating on how you can help.

Many Bringing it Home events have been scheduled for May and June, here's two examples of some that happened: A pizza party was hosted for the employees of Tom's of Maine where they watched the trailer from Give Us Your Poor, discussed homelessness, and raised some money. This event was a huge success and has created a great buzz around the company. The other event took place this past Saturday, a rockin' House Music Party by Todd who played piano at the series launch event.
Special thanks to the Blue Sky Collaborative and the Bringing it Home Volunteer Committee, part of the for Give Us Your Poor Project.