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Give Us Your Poor is about truly transforming public and political attitudes toward homelessness. It's a lofty goal -- and we need your help to make it happen.
Please consider contributing your time, experience, or resources.

There are many different ways to help:

Make a donation online. Host a dinner party, backyard barbecue, or office lunch to share the powerful message of Give Us Your Poor. "Bringing It Home" is a national party and event series taking place in homes and workplaces across the United States. Anna Bremner is available to help you plan your event.

"Feels Like Home"

Give Us Your Poor music CD featuring homeless and celebrity artists in the works

Give Us Your Poor: Homelessness & the U.S. is a national project to raise the public's awareness and understanding of homelessness and generate the public and political will to end this shameful reality.

The project involves a number of components, including "Feels Like Home" -- a companion CD featuring the music of celebrity and homeless artists. The CD was the brainchild of Mark Governor, Hollywood composer and UMass Boston alum.

"Feels Like Home" will be available to help national, state, and local homelessness organizations raise funds and awareness for their work. The CD will feature many different genres of music, including folk, rap, instrumental, and rock. The artists cover a range of backgrounds, age, and experience.

We have collected demo recordings from talented artists experiencing homelessness across the United States, including Weepin Willie Robinson, Mighty Sam McLain, Julia Tripp, and Julia Dinsmore. We are working to secure the contributions of a number of professional musicians. (Expect news on this front soon!) Several artists have already agreed to donate songs to the film component of Give Us Your Poor -- including Bruce Springsteen, Arlo Guthrie, Sting, John Mellencamp, and John McDermott.
We are also extremely fortunate to have the support of Dan Wilkins, executive director of the docu-dramedy, "Have You Seen Clem."

Give Us Your Poor is partnering with Appleseed Records and the Berklee College of Music Internship Program for this project. The CD will be produced and released by Appleseed Records, a for-profit label with the mission of advancing social justice. Appleseed Records is well known for its Pete Seeger tribute albums featuring celebrity artists such as Jackson Browne, the Indigo Girls, Steve Earle, and Wyclef Jean. (Appleseed is also covering the upfront costs of the CD.) Roland Corporation has donated four portable recording devices that have allowed us to record demos from homeless artists around the country.

"Feels Like Home" is an important and exciting part of the Give Us Your Poor project, but it is also a reminder of the toll homelessness takes on individuals and our society. Terry Berger, a homeless father, veteran, and harmonica player from Boston who was involved with "Feels Like Home," froze to death on a park bench last January. Terry contacted us but did not record a demo before his death. However, his talent, insight, and passion is reflected by the many other homeless artists we have been privileged to work with.
"Feels Like Home" is targeted for release in late fall of 2006. Check back with Give Us Your Poor frequently for updated information on "Feels Like Home" and the project's other components!