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"No one has ever become poor by giving."

~Anne Frank


Ricky White

The National Coaltion for the Homeless (NCH) is the leading advocate of raising attention to hate crimes against homeless people.  For more information CLICK HERE.


The Western Regional Advocacy Project (W.R.A.P.) recently released a major report entitled, "Without Housing":  "' Without Housing' documents federal funding trends for affordable housing over the past 25 years, particularly funding for housing programs administered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as well as Section 515 rural affordable housing administered by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).  It describes the correlation between these trends and the emergence of a new and massive episode of homelessness in the early 1980s that has continued to the present, and also demonstrates why federal responses to this nationwide crisis have consistently failed.  It is focused primarily on what we consider to be one of the most important - if not the most important - factors in explaining why so many people are homeless in the United States today: the cutbacks to and eventual near elimination of the federal government's commitment to building, maintaining, and subsidizing affordable housing. "

Look for more information on this report at the W.R.A.P. website and in upcoming Give US Your Poor newsletters.

Singer, Songwriter, Painter, Ph
ilanthropist and Grammy award nominee Jewel contributes to the 
Give Us Your Poor CD

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For more than a year now Give US Your Poor and Appleseed Recordings have been engaging musicians committed to social justice to participate in an upcoming CD titled “Feels Like Home” as an integral part of the Give Us Your Poor Project (an enterprise based at UMass, Boston). Artists from a variety of musical genres (many homeless or formerly homeless) are conscientiously recording songs that are so poignant that they are likely to move all that listen.

Singer, Songwriter, Painter, Philanthropist and Grammy award nominee Jewel Kilcher has signed on to the project and is contributing a song she wrote when she herself had been homeless.  Jewel’s keenness to help the less fortunate began in 1999 through the establishment of an altruistic foundation “Higher Ground For Humanity” to which she has been donating a part of her income.  Her sensitive songwriting and ethereal voice are likely to play a very significant role in the quality of the CD.

Natalie Merchant

In other artist news, Give US Your Poor friend, Natalie Merchant, is very enthusiastic about the recording session she produced and performed on in Boston. Natalie has posted the Give US Your Poor video clip of the session on her website. To see the Natalie Merchant/Give US Your Poor Video visit
The Give US Your Poor link on Natalie's website and click on link to view eight minute Give US Your Poor video clip.  Natalie was moved during the sesison when her long time idol Jonathan Kozol, author of the book Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Families in America, joined the recording session.

The Give US Your Poor CD project also includes a songwriting contest run by Sonicbids where the winning independent artist will be chosen to appear with celebrity musicians on the “Feels like Home CD.”  The CD is being promoted nationally and released by  Appleseed Recordings and the winner will be promoted in a national media promotion. The songs submitted had to be on a theme of homelessness or a related theme (including isolation, loneliness, community, etc.).  The contest ended December 15, 2006 and the many wonderful submissions are currently being reviewed.  Many thanks to Sonicbids for their generous support and partnership in addressing homelessness--heartfelt thanks to Jim, Ben, Heidi, and Panos there and also to Josh Kampel and Nils Gums, Give US Your Poor volunteers who helped make this happen.

Sonic Bids