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Ted Wayman

Emcee Ted Wayman from UPN 38 & CBS


Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006

"It's All About Love" Event
A fundraising event for Give Us Your Poor, hosted by Wayland resident Esther Stacy, and sponsored by Coldwell Cares New England, part of the Bringing It Home Series to support Give Us Your Poor. On-line registration at  Tickets are $15, $20 at the door.

February 9, 2006 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Sandy Burr Country Club, Wayland, MA

Guests will enjoy dinner, cash bar, as well as silent auction featuring a variety of prizes--many of them great presents for Valentine's Day (like a week anywhere in the word)! Also see new film footage and PSA featuring actor Danny Glover.

For more information visit event website by clicking here: It's All About Love. The event will be emceed by Wayland native, Ted Wayman, host of UPN 38's The Morning Show.  We still need some donated auction items.  Do you have access to additional tickets, sports memorabilia, services, weekend homes, other, that you would consider donating?  If so please e-mail  Anna Bremner (click on her name) or call her at (617) 549-9504.  Thank you!

kids and candles

"If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path." Buddhist saying

(Homeless Persons Memorial Day in Washington State-Photo from the Olympian)

Dear Friends,

The season of light.  I like the fact that Christmas, Channukah, and Kwanzaa overlapped in 2005.  Corny? Politically correct?  Maybe.  But what a great reminder of the commonality of these and other spiritual traditions.  The image of light is a powerful one at this time, during the darkness of winter: the menorah, the Christmas star and Christmas lights, the Mishumaa saba candles lit at Kwanzaa. Each of these celebrations center around family and loved ones.  Each conjures up images of light and gathering at home . My friend, the scholar Brian Sokol, reminds us that "Channukah is about the re-dedication of the Temple, God's house.  The Jewish people were forced out of the Temple (and when the people are in exile, God goes into exile), Channukah is a celebration of the
return to our spiritual home. How does one make light without oil? How does one survive without food, shelter, clothing?"

Speaking of survival, last month a team from Give Us Your Poor and UMass Boston, joined dozens of others participating in the City of Boston's annual homeless count.  The census puts yearly numbers on who is homeless in the shelters and streets of Boston.  But more importantly, for one night, a cross section of the city comes together to blanket it in teams.  Meeting homeless people on the streets is striking.  The night was cold.  People that stay on the streets on a night like that usually hate the shelter options, are banned, or can't get it together to check in.  When approached, many of the people (men and women) our team met were at first guarded.  Then, realizing what we were doing, showed a need to connect--
to talk and be heard.  The counting is important, but perhaps the moments of recognition are equally or more important--seeing the light in "their" eyes and in our own.

So 2006, "Another year over, a new one just begun" as John Lennon sang.   Data is vital, but I'm tired of counting.  I want to connect to people, I want to live in a country where falling below the safety net is not stood for.  Conservative solutions, liberal solutions, true systems thinking approaches...I'm for it.  There is reason for optimism, 2005 saw some welcome trends around systematic homelessness prevention, housing first solution models, unprecedented extensive data collection, and comprehensive planning across the nation.  We're doing some planning ourselves at Give Us Your Poor and have some shifts in our thinking to be more effective, more economical, and complementary to these trends--coming soon.

In the meantime, Happy New Year, and thank you for your support.

John McGah
Director, Give Us Your Poor

On November 30, the Statewide Housing Action Coalition showed the Give Us Your Poor trailer at Tazza in Providence, Rhode Island.  More than 30 people attended and contributed to Give Us Your Poor and People to End Homelessness, a local grassroots organization, run by homeless people who have donated $5k to Give Us Your Poor in the past.

The event was particularly timely, as Rhode Island's homeless shelters are past capacity.  With the winter weather, they are facing increased demand for shelter and assistance.

The evening was sponsored by the Statewide Housing Action Coalition, Johnson & Wales University, People to End Homelessness, and the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless. Thank you to all that came, those that organized, our sponsors, and Tazza for hosting!