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Danny Glover and Friends

Actor Danny Glover Continues Support: Records Poem For GUYP CD

Danny Glover visited 50-50 Studios with GUYP staff in NYC March 26, 2006 to record two spoken word pieces for the GUYP CD.  The pieces were written by artist/poet/activist (and formerly homeless herself) Julia K. Dinsmore.  The titles of the pieces are "My Name is Not 'Those People'" and "When We Left Minneapolis." Our many thanks to Mr. Glover for his continued support for Give Us Your Poor, and to Ms. Dinsmore.

Our sincere thanks also to David Seitz, engineer and owner, and Lindsay Marcus, of 50-50 Studios who donated their space, time, and expertise. Thanks also to the Give Us Your Poor volunteers who helped with the recording process: Nils Gums, Berklee College of Music; and filmmaker and UMass Boston Alum Bryan How.  Continued thanks also to Esailama Artry-Diouf, Carrie Productions; and Jim Musselman, Appleseed Recordings.  All kindly donated their time for this unique CD project that has never been done before: bringing together homeless and celebrity artists to change perceptions of homelessness.  Thank you!


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Hate Crimes Against Homeless Americans

Over the past couple of years there has been a surge of attacks on homeless people in the U.S., and most recently a number of beatings in the news which have led to deaths. (Click here to see recent beating captured on Florida Police Video from South Florida Sentinel website.)  According to, "From Florida to Alaska, dozens of homeless people are attacked each year, most often by white men under 20, according to the Washington-based National Coalition for the Homeless. Baseball bats are a favored weapon, as well as rocks, bricks, fists and feet, pellet guns and knives."  Michael Stoops, Director of the National Coalition for the Homeless shares, "The most telling/disturbing statistics are: 47% of the perpetrators were 18 years and under; 58% of the perpetrators were 13--19 years of age; 76% of the perpetrators  were 25 years and under."  (See report here.)

The National Coalition for the Homeless has documented 389 attacks on the homeless over the past six years, including 156 deaths. Of the total number of attacks, 211 have been recorded since 2002.  Stoops, says, "many of these crimes (especially the non-lethal attacks) go unreported, we believe these figures are in reality much higher." 

So far in 2006 there have been a number of highly publicized attacks on homeless people leading to proposed legislation that these attacks be taken just as seriously as other hate crimes. One such case involved homeless man Trevor Sprague, 34, found burning under a bridge in Bangor, ME. This crime led to "Gov. John Baldacci signing a bill to ensure that attacks on the homeless are prosecuted just as severely as attacks on people because of their age, race or sexual orientation" ( Florida recently responded with a bill increasing the penalties to those attacking people living on the streets after teenagers were caught on videotape this year.

A website called sells videos produced by two young filmmakers featuring homeless men in vicious fights. BBC news in 2002 stated that over 300,000 of these videos have been sold for $20 each. "The real bums are the bums behind the camera, not the ones in front of the camera," said Browne Greene, attorney for Mr. Brennan and Mr. Hannah (the two men who were filmed in the first video BumFights: A Cause for Concern.) Since then 2 other videos have been produced and sold and a fourth film is pending. Stoops: "I don't necessarily believe  that watching a violent video leads one to commit violence. But the fact that these videos have been made and are distributed widely in our culture is indeed disturbing. Today's computer/internet savvy young people are well aware of these videos."

Give Us Your Poor is an important counterbalance that can and will be used to help educate, and put a human face on homelessness.  Our hope is that we might reach those that act out so violently against those less fortunate. -- SARAH NICHOLS, GUYP

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Please take 5 minutes and help the National Coalition for the Homeless, GUYP partner

Dear Friend:

As a friend of Give Us Your Poor, partner of the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH), you are invited to participate in a brief survey on hate crimes and violence against homeless persons. It will take no more than five minutes. Go to:

Your input helps direct our advocacy efforts. We value your opinions and suggestions! As an advocate/service provider/homeless coalition, we appreciate feedback from a diverse array of organizations and individuals.

The results of this national survey will be released to general public and media in late August.

Please forward this survey on to colleagues, associates, or friends concerned about issues affecting homeless persons.

Please contact NCH for information on the rising incidences of hate crimes and violence against homeless persons.


Michael Stoops
Acting Executive Director
National Coalition for the Homeless