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"Homeless prevention is both humane and cost effective"1. It is a proven way to save local, state and federal government resources while helping children, families, and individual adults stay in their homes.

The saying goes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Recent practices and research in the United States have proven that to be true in the area of homelessness.

Two leading research organizations documenting best practices in prevention of homelessness are The Center for Social Policy (CSP) at UMass Boston’s McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies and the Urban Institute.

Together the national studies by CSP and the Urban Institute suggest that successful community-wide prevention programs should have the following elements:

1. Strong, trustworthy leadership (agencies and/or individuals),
2. Flexible use of available resources.
3. Diversity in prevention options including:

  • Cash assistance,
  • Non-cash housing-related help (relocation assistance, housing search, housing, maintenance/repair or mortgage assistance), and
  • Case management in the form of referrals.

4. Supportive services coupled with permanent housing, particularly when combined with effective discharge from institutions, especially mental hospitals.
5. Mediation in Housing Courts.
6. Rapid exit from shelter.

Homelessness prevention must be a major component of any comprehensive plan to end homelessness

Resource Links for Homeless Prevention:

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