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Preview & Purchase Our CD: GIVE US YOUR POOR Give US Your Poor Album

This CD has exclusive new tracks by Bruce Springsteen & Pete Seeger, Jon Bon Jovi, Mario Frangoulis, Buffalo Tom, Natalie Merchant, & more in collaboration with currently or formerly homeless musicians on benefit CD to fight homelessness.


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Corporate Support

There are numerous corporate sponsorship opportunities through Give US Your Poor. In each option we’ll work with you to meet your organization’s priorities, while supporting our mission. Benefits to sponsorship include enhanced brand trust, retention/attraction of employees, and expanded business. Give US Your Poor reaches a wide audience focusing on bi-partisan solutions, engaging celebrities, and focusing on the best in America to solve epidemic solutions. Contact us for specific details about sponsorship of:

  • Campaign sponsor
  • PSA Sponsor: Celebrity Public Service Announcements in various markets
  • Music CD sponsor: Sponsorship of celebrity music CD and awareness campaign
  • Documentary Sponsor: Documentary film reach schools and national television audience
  • Sponsor Close to Home curriculum in multiple middle and high schools
  • Engage your employees in meaningful ways

For more information contact John McGah at or 781-373-7069.

Initiatives for Corporate Support

"Give US Your Poor's powerful combination of social impact and its creative approach to the issue of homelessness makes it a highly attractive nonprofit for corporations to support."

Bill Shore
Founder of Share Our Strength